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LIQUEUR in a Prosecco grappa

Sweet Vignola cherries grown in the Valle del Ciliegio near Modena rest for 5 months in Prosecco grappa, resulting in a spirit of extreme rarity that is utterly irresistible, thanks to the fragrant notes of cherry that it releases, in a truly unique marriage of fruit and spirit. Enjoy it chilled along with fresh cherries and their liqueur, or with vanilla or fior di latte gelato. 

Ciliegie comes in its own distinctive bottle-shaped glass container.

Product available from mid-September!

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The palate offers crisp, vibrant fruit that segues into essence of cherry, which in turn evolves into a stylish, classically-grappa finish.

Tasting tips

The cherries are delicious served in their liqueur at the end of a meal or as a tasty mid-afternoon snack; truly outstanding with vanilla or fiordilatte gelato,
or as an original touch to fresh-fruit cups or fruit-based desserts.

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