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Amaro 33 Cocktail Edition


This Cocktail Edition of Ginger-flavoured Amaro 33 is a liqueur made through cold infusion of Shandong ginger in sublime aged Prosecco Grappa, which is enriched with essential oils that are extracted from the exquisite root and offset by distinctive citrus notes.

With an alcohol content of 33% and a flavour profile in which the pleasantly zesty ginger taste is more prominent than in the classic version of the liqueur, the Cocktail Edition of Ginger-flavoured Amaro 33 offers a wonderfully rich sensory experience. It is ideal for creating delightful, exhilarating cocktails, especially in conjunction with mint or lime.

Vintage 70cl bottle with a pour spout.

19,00 €
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The original vintage design of the bottles pays tribute to those in which the distillery sold its first aged grappa back in the 1950s.

Tasting tips

It is an outstanding way to add a surprising touch to cocktails, especially those containing mint or lime, and it is also marvellous neat or on the rocks.

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