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Gatta Nera (50cl)

licorice and mint

A sharp and velvety liqueur made from Prosecco grappa, fine Calabrian liquorice extract and peppermint. With its intense black colour, GattaNera will capture you for the energy released by the fresh mint hints enveloping the rich liquorice notes.

The balsamic hints are combined with the rich liquorice essence; this sweet and full-bodied taste evolves into a gentle bitter after-taste, releasing all its intensity and pureness in a strong and sharp flavour.

50 cl bottle with pouring cap.

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You’ll be amazed by its unique taste, moderate alcohol content and harmonic flavour, with typical digestive virtues.

Tasting tips

Perfect as an after-dinner digestif, taste GattaNera on ice in the summer, for the perfect refreshing beverage, and dry in the winter, for a soft and velvety pleasure.
Try it on mint ice-cream or in the many cocktails suggested on our website. Serve cold.

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