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Amaro 33

with ginger

Finest aged Grappa di Prosecco meets the delicate spicy notes of ginger, giving to the traditional grappa an exotic and persuasive note.


Thanks the fresh and appealing hints of this ancient root, Amaro33 involves the palate in an exciting sensory journey. First you will have a full and delightful impact followed by a velvety and very original aftertaste.


New design for the 50 cl bottle with pourer cap. The fluorescent label charges throughout the day and when the number 33 becomes pale yellow, Amaro33 is ready to become the star of the night!

16,00 €
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Presented in the new essential and elegant bottle enriched by the label ‘Glow in the Dark’ that glows in the dark, Amaro33 is an innovative and anti-conformist liqueur able to tie the traditional pleasure of Amaro with a young and unexpected aspect.

Tasting tips

Amaro33 should be drunk neat or ‘on the rocks’: it will give a fresh well-being!
For those looking for new sensations we suggest pairing with a light beer and lime peel.

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