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Uve Bianche Gran Riserva

barrel-aged distilled grape spirit

Uve Bianche Gran Riserva is a noble grape spirit aged over 3 years in Limousin oak barrels. Gloriously rich floral and fruit notes are a perfect foil for the delicate scents of grapes. The palate, well-evolved and with pronounced yet smooth tannins, displays a refined sweetness well complemented by toasted almond, honey, and vanilla.

The traditional single-batch, bain-marie pot-still process, the rigorous Da Ponte Method (1896).

Customised Da Ponte 70cl Champagne bottle with case, or in the Special Collection, Cassetta Noce, Metodo Da Ponte, Don Giovanni, and Opere d’Autore gift boxes.

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Uve Bianche Gran Riserva is an elixir for connoisseurs and the perfect distilled spirit to render great moments truly memorable. The first sip already reveals its exciting character, while its long-lingering, tasty finish completes its perfect progression in the mouth.

Tasting tips

To fully experience the finely-balanced equilibrium between grape aromas and barrel ageing, one should sip this spirit all by itself,
or just after adding an ice-cube. Wonderful as well accompanied by spicy white chocolate.

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