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Uve Bianche

spirit of aromatic grapes

Luminous and pure to the eye, it boasts an inebriating bouquet of clean-edged summer fruit--apricot, pear, apple, and melon--and well-ripened grapes.

Thanks to the single-batch bain-marie pot-still method exclusive to Da Ponte, the aromatic essences emerge unusually clean and sharply-delineated.

Customised Da Ponte 70cl Champagne bottle with case, or 5cl split and 150cl magnum size, as well as in the Special Collection, Cassetta Noce, Metodo Da Ponte, Don Giovanni, and Opere d’Autore gift boxes.

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The first sip reveals its smooth, seductive appeal, then it opens fully to smooth floral notes that showcase its refined delicacy and the distinctive qualities classic to the Malvasia and Chardonnay grapes.

Tasting tips

Enjoy it all by itself, naturally pure and glorious, or with an ice cube, to experience fully its crisp, pleasurable sensations.
Unmatchable when paired with any fresh-fruit concoction, or with fruit-based ice-cream and summertime cocktails.

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