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Bianca Da Ponte (70cl)

This crystal-clear grappa has a breathtaking bouquet of citrus fruit and white flowers that is enticingly complemented by tropical notes. Wonderfully smooth on the palate, it has a refined, leisurely aftertaste that is fabulously crisp.

Bianca Da Ponte is made with meticulously selected, extremely fresh Glera (Prosecco) grape pomace in a special batch distillation process that has been designed and developed by the distillery to make the most of the exclusive way in which the Da Ponte Method preserves all of the aromatic qualities of grapes.

Special 700 ml bottles shaped like the ones used by the distillery in the mid-1950s for its aged grappa.

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The bottles is enhanced by a portrait of Andrea Da Ponte by Renato Casaro, who is internationally renowned for his work on film posters.

Tasting tips

Exceptional when served chilled and neat, it is outstanding with fruit-based desserts and for flavouring cakes and creams. Try a traditional “resentin” by finishing your espresso and then pouring a drop of grappa into the cup for a unique taste sensation.

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