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Libera Da Ponte

Prosecco Grappa barrel aged 18 years

Libera, a Prosecco grappa distilled in 1992 and designated a Gran Riserva on the100th anniversary of the founding of the distillery, is the most eloquent expression of the Metodo Da Ponte.

Appearing a dark amber from its18 years’ ageing in Limousin oak barrels, it shows intense and enfolding on the palate, with a remarkable volume that initiates with notes of honey and then deepens with hints of vanilla and toasted almond.

In an individually-numbered 70cl bottle with descriptive leaflet and documentation of barrel-ageing history, all conserved in a fine-wood box.

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Made in a both single batch and continuous pot-still distillation, it is produced in only 4,892 bottles, each numbered and individually signed by Francesco Fabris.

Tasting tips

Libera is noble and magisterial, with depths of aromatic richness that have no peer. Warmed slightly in one’s hand,
it should be enjoyed by itself in the recollection of a special moment or with one’s closest friends or family.

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