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Vecchia Grappa di Prosecco

aged 8 years

The most traditional expression of the Da Ponte distillation method, Vecchia Grappa di Prosecco is the fruit of a selection of the finest lots of Glera variety pomace that go to produce Prosecco Superiore DOCG. 


Ageing in French Limousin-area oak gives this spirit its gold-yellow hue, which enhances its luminous clarity.

Customised Da Ponte 70cl Champagne bottle with case, or in 5cl split or 150cl magnum with case, or in the Special Collection, Cassetta Noce, Metodo Da Ponte, Don Giovanni, and Opere d’Autore gift boxes.

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It attracts you with natural elegance, entices you with limpid floral notes, shrouds you in soft shades of vanilla and gratifies you with exquisite sensations. Old Prosecco grappa: instant allure.

Tasting tips

Nonpareil and deeply satisfying when enjoyed on its own, on a quiet winter evening, alone or with special friends.
It can add immeasurably though to cocktails featuring fruit, cocoa, or espresso, thus making memorable a simple occasion or an encounter with friends.

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