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Made from a selection of black grapes with a host of different aromatic qualities and aged in small Oak barriques, Moschino has a clear straw yellow colour and a varying bouquet, with prominent scents of wildflowers and tropical fruit that are beguilingly complemented by delicate tannic notes.

The first sip is satisfyingly full on the palate and followed by fragrant floral sensations and rich fruitiness, with a subtle hint of dried figs taking centre stage. 

 In a 700 ml bottle with a case or as part of the Walnut Case, Opere d’Autore 2019 and Don Giovanni packs.

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Made using a bain-marie batch distillation process in accordance with the Da Ponte Method, it is ideal for people looking for distinctive flavours with traditional roots.

Tasting tips

Delicious when enjoyed neat, it is ideal at the end of meals or after coffee.

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