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Unica Da Ponte 15Y

millesimata 2005

aged for 15 anni


Aged in the barrel for 15 years, Unica Prosecco Grappa is a sublime product that is masterfully made by distilling select pomace from Glera grapes. Fruit from the same vines is also used to make DOCG Prosecco Superiore.

The colour is golden yellow with amber hues. The harmonious array of fragrances revolves around fruity notes of very ripe apples and pears. Delightfully dry on the palate, it has some breathtakingly well-rounded notes that call to mind rum, toasted wood and freshly baked crusty bread. 

A classic Da Ponte 700 ml champagne-style bottle with a sophisticated customized box. It can be combined with other Da Ponte products in the Special Collection and Opere d’Autore packs

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The distillation is carried out using the famous Da Ponte Method and it is followed by ageing in exquisite oak barrels from Limousin, which give the grappa a wonderfully rounded and satisfying flavour thanks to the slow release of tannins and the ideal oxygenation.

Tasting tips

For the ideal tasting experience, we recommend leaving 15-year-old Unica in the glass for a few minutes and warming it with the heat from your hand. This grappa is normally enjoyed on its own, but it can be nicely complemented by superior dark chocolate containing 80% cocoa solids.

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