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Grappa Riserva del Fondatore


Riserva del Fondatore has an aroma reminiscent of fortified wine. It is punctuated by full notes of confectioner’s custard and exotic fruit, which evolve into richly fragrant sensations. Initially, it has a soft, leisurely flavour. As it is slowly savoured, it reveals an enveloping aftertaste steeped in vanilla, toasted oak and alluring hints of rum and cherry.

Vintage 1950’s 500 ml bottle.  in a sturdy wooden box that is superbly screen printed with a portrait of the founder.

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A blend of Grappa aged in Limousin and Port barriques, imparting each oaks unique influences. Riserva del Fondatore aims to fuse the personalities of the Da Ponte brothers who shared the same passion.

Tasting tips

Riserva del Fondatore is a refined grappa for sipping slowly. Enjoy it neat to bring out the best of its qualities.
It is intensely unforgettably delightful, when paired with fine dark chocolate (60-80% cocoa).

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