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09 May 2022

The Andrea Da Ponte Distillery is 130 years old

A gift for distillation since 1892

The Andrea Da Ponte Distillery was founded in 1892. Boasting close ties to the local area and its traditions, it is a company that has always followed a path plotted by the strength and ingenuity of great men. Among them were Andrea Da Ponte himself, who was the first to grasp the importance of ageing (which was once only done with cognac), and his brother Matteo, who published the first scientifically documented Distillation Method (1896).

Then there was Pier Liberale Fabris, who was behind the first single-varietal aged Prosecco grappa. His son Francesco has combined Vecchia Grappa di Prosecco with an Asian ginger infusion to create a brand new liqueur with a fresh, breathtaking flavour. What’s more, he is dedicated to environmental sustainability, built one of the largest ageing warehouses in Italy and makes exclusive “Gran Riserva” products, including one to mark the centenary of the founding of the distillery.

It has been 130 years since it all started back in 1892 and there has not been a single moment when the Andrea Da Ponte art of distillation has given rise to anything less than outstanding grappa and exceptional products… It is a long story, but it has only just begun…