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23 September 2021

Making the Arfanta Hide a UNESCO World Heritage Site

A new project for the Fabris family

The Arfanta Hide is a heavenly spot spanning 4 hectares in the stunning Conegliano Valdobbiadene hills. Surrounded by fruit plants, chestnut trees, 1,200 hornbeams and other age-old trees, it was created by Pier Liberale Fabris in the 1950s to study the migration routes of birds.

His son Francesco now looks after this little gem with the same amount of devotion. Having successfully applied for protection for it from the local Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape Office, with the help of the Treviso Forestry Corps he is now striving to have it named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It’s another unique demonstration of the Fabris family’s love for beauty and nature…

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