19 June 2020

Introducing the new Da Ponte multi-purpose alcohol solution: 100% "Made in Veneto"!

Prosecco pomace has been used to produce a 70% alcohol solution

Prosecco pomace has been used to produce a 70% alcohol solution that is mixed with glycerine and has a delicate ginger and lemon fragrance. The brand new product is the Andrea Da Ponte Distillery’s 100% “Made in Veneto” contribution to the urgent health and safety battle in the world today.

In these troubled times, the Da Ponte Distillery wanted to play its part by developing an innovative product that combines maximum effectiveness with a big personality.

The new creation by Da Ponte is a multi-purpose alcohol solution that is made exclusively from Prosecco pomace. It has already proved extremely popular among the distillery’s many admirers. Around five years ago, the company modified a piece of equipment to make alcohol from the pomace that is not used in distillation, thus preventing it from going to waste. It has now been brought into service for the first time to make this new product.

The solution has an ideal alcohol content of 70% and it is 100% “Made in Veneto” because not only the ingredients but also the 200 ml spray bottles and 3 l refill containers come from the Conegliano area. Glycerine has been added to keep skin soft and moisturized, while the delicate ginger fragrance is complemented with notes of lemon. It calls to mind the delights of one of the distillery’s most popular products (and the first to combine grappa with this versatile ingredient): Ginger-flavoured Amaro 33.