04 November 2019

The new Opere d’Autore packs

Refined, original gifts in magical colors

If you are looking for an original, stylish present, why not choose our new Opere d’Autore packs? There are three colour options: ochre, light blue and orange. All sorts of combinations can be put together inside, from two bottles of grappa in cases to a bottle in a case with some sparkling wine or moscato.
Alternatively, you can opt for a single bottle of ginger-flavoured Amaro 33, Chocozen, GattaNera or Grappa Riserva del Fondatore and two glasses featuring a screen-printed Andrea Da Ponte logo. The hues of the packs have been selected to create highly original effects in conjunction with the colour combinations of Da Ponte products, thus underlining just how refined and exquisite the gifts are both before and after they are opened.

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