16 April 2019

The Andrea Da Ponte distillery has a new website

a unique journey to discover exceptional products

The Andrea Da Ponte distillery’s new website is finally online: dedicated to lovers of grappa, liqueurs and sparkling wines, it is a little world where intertwined traditions, taste and innovation take visitors on a unique journey of discovery through a host of exceptional products.

Great care has been taken over the section about the distillery’s history. It features old photographs and historic materials, as well as a magnificent in-depth look at the Arfanta Hide. There is also an unmissable section with a detailed description of the Matteo Da Ponte Method and the pomace processing procedures. The products are showcased in a section that is divided into different areas: aged grappa, clear grappa, spirits, liqueurs, still and sparkling wines, and gift packs. It provides visitors with a comprehensive overview of all of the distillery’s products and contains exhaustive profiles so they can find out more about every bottle.

People often contact the distillery to ask where their nearest Da Ponte retailer is, so there is a form on the website that allows them to request all of the information that they need.