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Rosé Brut Venezia

Spumante Brut

Venice D.O.C.

Grapes from the Venice and Treviso areas are at the heart of this DOC Venezia wine, which was launched in 2010. Vineyards are dotted all over the zones in question, which are extremely well suited to making exceptional, internationally renowned wines.

Venezia DOC Brut Rosé is made with red grapes off the skins in a separate vinification process. It is a magnificently crisp and vivacious sparkling wine that naturally complements merriment and joie de vivre!

Light, fragrant floral notes are accompanied on the palate by refreshing hints of summer fruit.

Lively and enticing, it is perfect for enjoying with others at all times.

Tasting tips

Our Rosé Brut Venezia DOC, which completes the Don Giovanni Da Ponte line,
is a great aperitif for every occasion and is ideal with seafood hors d’oeuvre, shellfish and fried vegetables and mini mozzarella balls.

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