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Multipurpose Sanitizing Solution


Sanitizing solution with a pleasant scent of lemon and ginger. After application, the product dissolves quickly, leaving a feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Ideal as a refill for sanitizing sprays for hands and environments, without the need for rinsing, it is an extremely practical product when away from home, in very crowded environments such as restaurants or shops, on public transport or at the office. It can also be used on surfaces and masks. Contains 70% alcohol.
Available in 3L tank.

Cosmetic product, dermatologically tested.

9,90 €
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Sanitizing line totally made in Veneto (packaging included), delicately scented with ginger and lemon.

Directions for use

Fill the spray bottle with the solution and close the container carefully. In case of use on surfaces, first try the product on a hidden area.

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