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Fine Grappa Italiana 40°


Its incisive, aromatic bouquet offers a complementary duet of spice and wild berryfruit, with a pleasingly dry, very distinctive palate and a finish infused with black liquorice and tobacco leaf backgrounded by subtle hints of raisin.


In order to fully preserve the flavours demanded by local tradition, this grappa is distilled using the continuous double rectification method.

Available in 100 cl bottle, in the Classica style at 40% alcohol.

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Brilliant, pure, and straightforward, Fine Grappa Italiana is both a hymn to tradition and the very quintessence of the finest-quality red grapes grown in the hills of the Veneto, primarily Merlot and Cabernet.

Tasting tips

Enjoy it along with coffee or add a few drops to the coffee to further enrich it; delicious as well as a complement to desserts.

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