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Bianca Da Ponte (50cl)

Clear Grappa

Grappa Bianca Da Ponte is the result of a selection of very fresh pomace of Glera (Prosecco) grapes distilled using a particular discontinuous alembic, which we have designed and realized. This alembic works in strict compliance with the rules of the “Metodo Da Ponte”, renowned for its ability to maintain and enhance the aromatic notes of the grapes.

The grappa is proposed in a special half-liter bottle as the one utilized for our Grappa Reserve sold since the mid-50s.

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The Grappa is limpid and crystalline, with citrus notes and white flowers that stand out in a pleasant balance with mellow tropical notes. Elegant and soft on the palate, it evolves into a pleasant aftertaste, fine and persistent.

Tasting tips

Excellent sipped neat at cool temperature. It is also ideal to accompany fruit desserts or to flavor cakes and creams.
Perfect to be drunk after coffee for the traditional “resentin”.

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