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Bianca Da Ponte (1L)


Grappa Bianca Da Ponte is the result of the perfect selection of the marc of Glera, Pinot Grigio, Merlot and Cabernet, which is distilled with an innovative alembic.


In fact to create this product Da Ponte Distillery has developed a new discontinuous vacuum alembic which enhances the aromas of the different grapes and satisfies the most demanding palate.

Grappa Bianca is offered in a 1L bottle with a pourer spout.

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Transparent and pure, this Grappa conquers the consumer at once with its delicate aroma, followed by a full bodied flavour thanks to the vitality of the red grapes pomace with hints of grape skin, pomace and raisins.

Tasting tips

Ideal for those who love the authentic taste and at the same time the strong and intense one.
It is a well-balanced grappa in both the scents and the palate. Perfect for an after meal, it is excellent with coffee.

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