Gilbert & Gaillard Competition: Gold Medal

Gold medal at the Gilbert & Gaillard competition Edition 2017 for the Don Giovanni Da Ponte Cuvée Brut - Prosecco Superiore DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene.

The Gilbert & Gaillard competition is surely one of the most striking international events in the wine field. Its specifics are many: its tasters, for example, are the only French wine tasters who use international standards for their tastings, defending a “terroir” diversity approach, and offering enthusiasts and professionals around the world tasting comments in 9 languages ​​- french, english, chinese, japanese, italian, spanish, german, portuguese, russian.

Our Don Giovanni Da Ponte Cuvée Brut - Prosecco Superiore DOCG obtained the following description: ‘Robe jaune pâle. Nez discret de fleurs blanches, de biscuit. En bouche un style opulent, légèrement dosé, qui s'oriente surtout vers des arômes floraux. Un profil à la fois riche et équilibré qui reste séduisant en finale’ (Translation: straw yellow colour, with a delicate fragrance of white flowers and biscuit. In the mouth it is rich and balanced with hints of floral aromas. The taste is rich and balanced, with seductive final notes).

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