Malleable materials

Matter trasforms, evolves, acquires functional features

Wood, copper, glass, metal and above all pomace. Material elements which are transformed to develop into the most widely differing forms of existence, entities identified by their function yet which attract onlookers’ attention through their interesting appearance. Pomace becomes spirit during a long and predefined process: first in copper, then in wood, then in glass with paper and metal. Quality, once again, is the principle on which the entire system revolves.The choice of raw materials and the materials that contain them are the outcome of careful research and strict selection by professional practicians who have gained in-depth experience with the company. In this way every single substance becomes essential for obtaining a perfect, homogeneous and unique whole, as unique as the spirits of the Andrea Da Ponte distillery.

Vital force

Eart, Air, Water and Fire: four elements at mankind's service

Nature is once again firmly linked to the Da Ponte family. At the basis of the distillation process there are the four elements, understood to be the origin of all things, unchangeable and eternal, corresponding to earth, air, water and fire. Thus distillation too becomes a gradual process with a continuously shifting balance between forces which interact to shape that which nature has created. The roots of the Prosecco vine plants, whose fruits provide the pomace, are rooted in the earth. The pomace is transformed and is reborn in spirit via the fire fed by air and later cooled by water. Thus matter becomes spirit to be sipped and drunk to the full thanks to the typical aromas and flavour of the grapes from the hills of Conegliano.