Drops of memory

The Da Ponte Dynasty: more than a century of brilliant, dream-driven intuitions

Over a century of intuition, ideas and thoughts. Stories of men who have resolved to follow their dreams, dreams filled with that magic alchemy which the art of distillation releases. This is the age of the Da Ponte dynasty who has always produced every distillate thanks to talent and research, the skill and efforts of expert hands which, drop after drop, strive towards perfection, handing down the secrets of this great passion. Strong blood ties set a seal on that which shrewd strokes of genius have brought to light, via rational experiments such as those of Pier Liberale Fabris, grandson of Andrea Da Ponte, who in the 1960s created a monovarietal grappa obtained from the excellent Prosecco pomace from the hills of Conegliano - the Vecchia Grappa di Prosecco, aged in barriques. Today Francesco Fabris, son of Pier Liberale and current sole director, hands down the ancient tradition of the culture and art of distillation, values which bring to life the unmistakable flavours of Andrea da Ponte grappa and distillates. This is his vocation, always looking towards the future and towards innovation, beginning again each day with the energy that drives him to discover those unique notes which make his entire production range famous worldwide. The rules dictated by history come together to pursue progress, dynamism and experimentation in order to stay in tune with market demands.

Timeless writings

Ancient handbooks able to distil remarkable sips of wisdom

The essence of the sophisticated Da Ponte spirit references a distant past, a period at the end of the nineteenth century when two brothers decided to dedicate body and soul to producing distillates. In 1892 Andrea Da Ponte, a true expert distiller, founded the firm in Conegliano and, just four years later, in 1896, Matteo Da Ponte perfected the code of the art of distillation by printing, with the publisher Francesco Cagnani, the famous “Manuale della distillazione”, the first real manual on the subject, later reprinted in four successive editions (1901, 1909, 1922 and 1931) by Hoepli in Milan. The exclusive “Metodo Da Ponte”, described in the book also with extraordinary drawings of the designs of alembics made by the author, immediately appears innovative and ultra-modern. For this reason it was considered a bible and led to the popularity and appreciation of Da Ponte grappa with its excellent fragrance and aroma and unprecedented smoothness.

Soul of memories

In emotional-laden places, a passion for a gentler Nature

At the feet of the Conegliano hills, where the forces of nature appear to be still free to interact with humans and where a wonderful microclimate caresses the plants, lies the Corbanese di Tarzo “punchbowl”. The place where, in the early 1980s, Pier Liberale Fabris decided to move, leaving the factory in the heart of Conegliano and setting up a new and very modern distillery. He also embarked on important efforts at educating small Prosecco production firms who, from that time, brought to Da Ponte only the pomace newly separated from the must, immediately collected in the large steel tanks with controlled temperature. In this way, at the time of distillation, it is still very fresh and the spirits obtained are of absolute quality. The refined quality of the “Metodo Da Ponte”.